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Why Choose Us?

Since the start, we have been devoted to providing Phoenix with orthopaedic treatment of the highest caliber and most excellent standards. Our team of highly qualified and experienced Hip & Knee Surgeons, offers you with the finest treatment for all orthopaedic diseases, including rotator cuff tear, general pain evaluation in any body region, knee pain, sports medicine, and others. Our Hip and Knee Specialist in Phoenix, AZ are highly experienced, nationally recognized, and have extensive orthopaedic understanding.

Hip & Knee Surgeon in Phoenix

Dedicated to Patient Care

Our hip and knee doctors in Phoenix are dedicated to providing patient-centered treatment that is tailored to your specific requirements. We're available 24 X 7.

We are Orthopedic Board Certified and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joint, muscle, and nerve disorders such as fracture (broken bone), arthritis (joint inflammation), bursitis (joint irritation), tendonitis (tendon inflammation), and nerve compression syndromes.

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